Color Cotton Photo Blanket - Small

Price: $79.95

Our small Cotton Color Photo Blanket is the same as our standard color photo blanket only a little smaller and a lower price. It's woven from 100% natural Cotton resulting in the fringe on the edges. Because your photo is woven into the blanket, not screen printed or ironed on, it will never peel or flake off.

Our full color Photo Blankets measure a generous 40" x 54". Production is typically 5-7 days.

Text, if you choose, will be added in block lettering. We'll use our best judgment as to placement of the text and any cropping that may be necessary.

To avoid any cropping, your submitted image should be 605 pixels x 768 pixels. This will ensure you have the correct size and aspect ratio for this blanket. We suggest no more than three people in your photo for best results.

Why our Photo Blanket?
Our craftsman (and craftswomen) match the colors in your photograph to our extensive selection of pre-dyed Cotton to create a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Along with our smaller yarn size, this allows our Photo Blankets to be more vibrant and detailed than our competitors.

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