Sweatshirt Fleece Photo Blanket - Extra Large

Price: $89.95

Our Sweatshirt Fleece Photo Blanket is a very unique photo blanket. You get the same fabulous detail in your photo and the blanket is something special. We start with the same material as a sweatshirt, a cotton/poly blend.

Your personalized photo is printed on the front using our dye sublimation process. The other side, what would be the inside of the sweatshirt, is left soft and fuzzy. This makes it a great blanket to wrap up in and stay snugly warm. It will feel as soft as your favorite sweatshirt.

Your photo blanket is finished with coverstitch seams and mitered corners.

Your image is created using dye sublimation that actually dyes your image into the fleece making it permanent. The detail in our Fleece Photo Blanket simply does not compare to any woven or knitted blanket!

To avoid any cropping, your submitted image should be 6200 pixels x 8200 pixels with the safe zone being 5800 x 7800. This will ensure you have the correct size and aspect ratio for this blanket.

Our full color Fleece Photo Blanket measures a generous 60" x 80". Production time is typically 5-7 days.

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